Are You Lovin’ It?

by | Jan 26, 2016

New Packaging for McDonalds.

This post isn’t to let you know that McDonalds has new packaging or to find out if you love it. If it makes you run out and buy a large fry so much for the better. That’s pretty much the intent.

McD 03

This post is, however, meant to be a gentile reminder that if your brand has not moved an inch either side or the daily norm since the last time you can remember it’s probably high time you shook some things up.

McD 04

Even icon brands like this example move their brand around all the time including their packaging, colors, logo type, tag lines and the way in which their logo integrates with all the pieces. It energizes the company and keeps pace with this rapidly changing world we are living in.

Remember you don’t know what you don’t know and if you are not constantly moving ahead, you are for sure falling behind…

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