Heritage Oaks Golf Course Flyover Project Notes


Since the form of deployment is via the website, the overall goal is to make these videos as short as possible while still being a useful tool for a prospective homeowner, player or guest to familiarize themselves with the course.

Each video is estimated to approximately 45 seconds on average per hole based with yardage being the variable.

[Original HD Resolution – 1920px x 1080px]

Clips have 4 elements in each sequence:

1. Intro at Eye Level of each hole (5 seconds) with title

2. Overview at 50′ with brief hole play description (5 seconds)

3. Flyover sequence (length based on yardage)

4. Outro for each video is overhead of entire hole from tip to green with HOGC Logo (7 seconds)

Sound of wind and morning birds accompanies the sequence as silence can sometimes be as annoying as as bad music.

Individual viewers from HOGC website will typically brouse per their preferences and fast forward, pause, rewind per their interests.


The three holes give you an idea how each hole is slightly different but congruent with the other holes (page top).

Notes: I experimented with different elevations but found an elevation of approximately 50′ provides the best overview of each hole. This is the same elevation that most of the networks use when showing a particular hole at an event.

As of 8.4.22, I have already completed holes #1-18 and am working on assembling the remaining footage to complete the set. Callie will be provided a link to all 18 holes. She will subsequently share it with your website team who will integrate it into your data stream. It will be several gigabites of data as videos are quite “heavy” media.

To learn more about Imagica, click on the logo below:

Flyover Hole #1

Flyover Hole #7

Flyover Hole #14

Each hole includes 4 elements:

1. Intro welcome image of hole at eyelevel.

2. Hole overview and description from flyover elevation

3. Flight sequence from tee to green

4. Outro of entire hole with logo