Sarasota – FL

SPAACES is an M.Chapel Project that offers an alternative art space expanding connections and bringing about dialogue in the art community. It is a place where artists can gain opportunities and receive exposure with the belief that individuals creating new and thoughtful perspectives on art can receive recognition. 

The space hosts and subsidizes a number of local artists that benefit from being in a more group environment where they can receive feedback and mentorship form more seasoned artists in the community. In addition, SPAACES offers exhibitions, community education and lectures to the greater Sarasota community.

This is the only model of its kind in Sarasota, a large community rich in arts interest and support. The sustainable operational expenses are offset by artists rent, sponsorships, grants and donations from the local arts community.

Imagica was pleased to offer guidance in the form of drafting a formal business and marketing plan to help articulate their vision and provide a cohesive vehicle to present the vision and solicit funding.

To view their new website visit: