Effective marketing for business

We mix words, images, design and most of all, passion to create highly effective marketing for your business. Choose one of our services or combine them for your next project or campaign.

From Pixels to Print

Deliver Your Message Anytime, Anywhere! Imagica creates cost effective marketing solutions for your business, including social media programs that you will be able to manage and support. Mobile ready, just like you!

We Have Lots of Experience

For business large and small in most sectors including travel & tourism, recreation & leisure, hospitality, consumer products, trade groups, restaurants, home builders, wellness, and the list goes on…

See Things Different

Sometimes all it takes is presenting your message in a little different way that helps you stand out more in a world full of clutter. Some of your most successful tools may be your most simple.

Ideas and Solutions

We have lots of ideas and innovative solutions to help brand your business in a sustainable and cost effective way. You never know where your next great idea will come from.


Simple and quality visuals will make your marketing shine, sometimes all you need to do is tweak things a little to achieve great results.

The Right Tools

We use just the right tools for the job and offer an impressive assortment of both virtual and tactical assets to help deliver your message to the right audience in a highly strategic and efficient way.

Welcome to Imagica

web development, graphic design,  photography, pr, marketing, strategy

Imagica is a boutique marketing agency based in Sarasota, Florida dedicated to developing fluid, distinct and highly effective branding solutions for your small business. What differentiates Imagica from most small shops is that all of our tools including website development, design, photography, public relations are in-house so we are very fast, and cost efficient. We have relevant experience with business both large and small in most all sectors with any size budget.

We provide seamless integration with your current marketing whether you are looking to start, expand or simply do better. We mix words, images, design, strategy and most of all, passion to create innovative programs with the greatest value for your marketing dollar. And we do all this while placing supreme emphasis on generating tangible results that impact your bottom line.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We have extensive experience assisting manufacturers, building and real estate, restaurants, hotels, resorts, health and wellness, sports clubs, associations, events and more grow their business.

What types of things do you specialize in?

First and foremost we have years experience in all aspects of marketing and a clear understanding of how different components work together. That said, WordPress website development, photography, graphic design, public relations, copywriting and strategic planning are specialties.

What if we just need a little help?

We love working on individual projects whether it be a photo shoot, logo design, news release or writing a marketing plan that will be implemented internally. The secret to Imagica’s success is that we understand how individual components fit into your overall program.

Navigating Troubled Waters

One thing is for sure and that is nothing will ever be exactly the same as in the pre-corona era. We will be emerging soon so now is a great time to evaluate, adapt, remain nimble and emerge with optimism and renewed vigor. Imagica can help you assess your current situation and suggest modest steps you can take to navigate through our new business climate.

Let’s Work Together.

Reach out anytime, it doesn’t cost a nickel. You’ll get a quick no-pressure quote and some great ideas. We work with business large and small with any size budget for individual projects like a photography, a logo, brochure, news release or website to more comprehensive turnkey marketing communications programs.

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