Colorado Flagstone

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Simply put, Colorado Flagstone is cool. Like farmers are to restaurants and supermarkets, Colorado Flagstone is at the core of the building trade as they provide some of natures finest building materials. They are a stone quarry located outside of Loveland Colorado. Their unique “buff” colored flagstone can be found in amazing public and private projects throughout North America. The marketing program is mostly business-to-business and directed primarily to architects, builders and government purchasing agents and specifiers from around the country. This represents a unique situation. We want to impress the architects who specify our materials so the message has to be eye catching and somewhat sophisticated but not so much so that it takes us too far from our roots as being basically miners.

Most of our competition selling similar materials are large -scale distributors and brokers. The other more threatening form of competition is manufactured or “fake” rock that you can see at Home Depot, Lowes and from large scale manufacturers. This substrate is a little less expensive but more uniform so instillation is somewhat less expensive. But fake is fake, which is why a high-end commercial or residential project will specify actual stone as the difference is obvious. A campaign we developed called “Go Natural” serves as the cornerstone of our messaging and helps differentiate our product from the competition.


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