A Comic Theme - Bath & Racquet Fitness Club - Sarasota, FL

Bath & Racquet Fitness Club, Sarasota – FL

Chanel market project for family friendly health club to market a children’s party. We created a breakout piece that would stand apart from the rest of the marketing collateral and hopefully appeal to a younger audience and families with younger children. The club already has been running a very successful children’s summer camp for years. 

There were several elements to the project that had to work together including a tri-fold brochure, print ads, a postcard invitation that is given free to the group booking the party to invite their guests and a follow up thank you card that doubles as a guest pass to encourage the recipients to return to the place where their child was invited to a party to try the club for a week free!

The intent of this design and theme was absolutely to stand out against other noise competing in print and social media circles.