Food & Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen

Event Photography

There is an art to shooting a food festival. You need to be an event photographer for sure, one who can portray the event in the very best way. But you also have to be a good product photographer who can give the event sponsors images they can actually use, ones that put their products front and center within the context of the event. Then you need to be an architectural photographer, a portrait photographer, a food photographer and an action photographer. 

You also have to capture many moods and serve many masters. All events are supported by the sponsors so you have to be able to highlight their products in context to the event, you also need to capture those images that appeal those attending the event. You want to make sure the event looks fun, clean, lively and engaging but not too crowded, hot or uncomfortable that it can’t be that much fun. 

You need to shoot the celebrity chefs and talent that draws guests in to the event as their PR people will surely ask for images. Your images also need images for the media to use for their editorial which has an all together tone and vibe, think more representative and democratic.

You need to be creative so your thousands of images don’t look too repetitive and keep everybody engaged. You also need to have a report with the staff, security, talent, police and meter maids so you can glide smoothly from session to session and not miss a beat all the while carrying a 70 lb pack of gear on your back for 12 hours and maybe shooting an after hours party too, but don’t miss the advertising session at sunrise cuz you’ll never get a chance to shoot these 4 chefs together at sunrise again in your lifetime.

I’ve been shooting food festivals for over 20 years and love every minute of it. It’s been fun to watch this kind of special event grow in popularity and I enjoy events large and small. Would like to shoot your next event. Drop me a call or text at (941) 350-9064.