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Sopris Homes
Boulder, CO

It’s a challenge. Your builder client is participating in a Parade of Homes event and needs some fresh collateral for those visiting parties who are truly interested in the product. Categorically, most builder brochures are very similar. The challenge in an event where many builders are visited by the same shopper is how to stand out. Equally important is how to create a piece that can be printed economically that will not need to be updated every time a plan changes or a new community is added.

We attempted to handle these issues by creating a “portfolio piece” brochure that is open and easy to read but can accommodate more dynamic pieces of literature in the pocket built into the inside back cover like individual model home plans, community information, local lenders and so on.

The theme of this piece is “A Field Guide” to Sopris Homes although the client didn’t go so far as to let me add that to the front page which perhaps may leave some scratching their head as to the “Topo” theme. Nevertheless, I think this piece is truly unique and should stand out against those of other builders.

We specifically didn’t quote this piece out past 5,000 copies on the initial run as it would be an incentive to perhaps use the piece longer than necessary. It’s always good to keep things fresh.