MS Builders Inc., Zolfo Springs, FL

MS Builders

Recently Imagica built a new responsive website for MS Builders, Inc. They are a custom home builder in Central Florida on a modest budget. We needed some updated photography on some of their recent projects to highlight on their website to make it more engaging so for one day we went and were able to shoot six completed projects in one day even though some of them were in different cities and miles apart.

The project was challenging in so much as we worked around the homeowners schedule which was not necessarily the best time to shoot the property. We also had to work around properties that were being lived in and otherwise occupied. We didn’t want MS Builders clients to be inconvenienced nor to necessarily go out of their way to make their homes “model ready” which slowed the process down.

All in all, we had about 45 minutes to assess, set-up and shoot each property so we would have time to get to the next one before the day escaped us. Rest and water came in the drive between shoots. It was actually really fun and the day went fast as you can imagine.

The client loved the results and especially the price as this was a very efficient way to get the biggest bang for the buck and work the photographer really hard. It did, however, require quite a bit of coordination on their part.

Including edits, the cost to shoot six properties in one day for their portfolio and website was $1,462.

We were also able to get some nice detail shots throughout the day as well.

You can see how this looked on their website that we designed at