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Product Photography

Commercial photography in Florida isn’t shooting models on Miami Beach, celebrities or professional athletes. If fact, it seems like that hardly happens. The majority of the work comes from companies large and small who offer products or services you hardly ever think about. 

Hoveround Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of mobility devices and they sell directly to consumers so they are marketing centric. To have them headquartered close to home in Florida is a bonus, but to have them in the same city is even better. 

Imagica has done a number of great projects this client and many more like them. Its great when we get a blend of both studio and field opportunities. 

It’s more common for us in 2020 and moving forward to bring out studio to our clients place of business for logistical reasons. 

2020 has taught us to have a more nimble footprint so we can keep our fees low and in check with the changing marketplace. 

We would love to hear about your commercial product photography projects and offer you both very competitive pricing but also great ideas how you can get the most bang for your buck. 

Call or text Perry at Imagica at (941) 350-9064 or email [email protected].

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