JDA Media WordPress Website Development & Training

JDA Media – Sarasota, FL

JDA Media was formerly Jim Doyle & Associates, a firm crafting sales training programs specific to the broadcast industry for over 30 years. They offer a variety of consulting and content programs to broadcast executives and sales staff.

Imagica was hired to build a new, modern and responsive program that would combine 4 individual websites and allow different departments to manage content in-house.

We built a WordPress site combined with a rock solid Divi Builder and trained lead staff not only how to edit content but how to build, expand and maintain their website in-house as a turnkey solution to their program.

We provide support on demand if needed and are here to answer any questions they may have or make recommendations if asked. So far they have been very self sufficient. This approach isn’t right for every enterprise but for some, it’s a great solution that will save them money from day one!

For a closer look visit: jimdoyle.com

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