Pro Sliding Glass Door

Pro Sliding Glass
Door Repair, Sarasota – FL

It had been about 10 or more years since I designed a logo and a simple website for Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair in Sarasota. Sales were flattening out as the business has three very aggressive new companies now vying for the same customers so they were ready for a change. After a market analysis, we determined the best course of action given the limited budget would be to upgrade the website to a new responsive design on WordPress to allow for easy content management by the client. 

The website project included some new cornerstone photography and some Social Media Training and a general strategy of what to post and when. The final phase of the project will be for a leave behind brochure and a strategy to gain more client referrals and testimonials. 

Already business is up and we have added a “Quick Quote Form” to capture leads during evenings and non-business hours as well as to facilitate those who find it more convenient to communicate via text or email.

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