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Product photography on white seamless. Simple but often difficult at times with many many SKU’s. The trick here was to do this as efficiently as possible both on the front and back end. 

Due to the number of SKU’s we elected to shoot the products on site in shorter multiple sessions. We also shot tethered to a monitor so they could provide some feedback along the way.

The challenge, as with many forms of design, is to create compelling images with little more than the shape and texture of the product itself. Images used for Amazon stores need to be shot in very specific ways all on a 100% white background and predominently without the use of other backgrounds or props. Currently SLOFOODGROUP sells on Amazon in over 14 countries.

SFG had initially shot many of these images internally and had a small studio set up in his warehouse but admitted that he struggled with many of the images so they welcomed some new images from a professional. We also showed them some techniques for both shooting and setup that may aid them in their own attempts in the future. 

They have done A/B testing on both their own website and Amazon and noticed a dramatic difference between products with good photography as opposed to the same product being sold with “average” or typical images.

Photography will be used on both Amazon sites as well as their own site including associated social media, print and collaborations.

We look forward to future shoots and training with this innovative rising young stars.

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