The Francis Event Center - Sarasota, FL

The Francis,
Sarasota – FL

The Francis is downtown Sarasota’s newest event venue. Imagica was here at the beginning assisting with identity, branding, media relations and the grand opening events and festivities. Since events like weddings and major social functions are booked far in advance this represented a particular challenge as we had few tools to promote the actual venue during the construction process to assist in jump starting some bookings.

The first year was a tremendous success with countless notable meetings, social gatherings and weddings taken place in this downtown Sarasota event venue located on Palm Avenue. The facility, food, execution and convenience are second to none.

The Francis can accommodate groups from 10 to 250 with flexible space. The AV is fantastic and support is turnkey. Be sure to keep The Francis in mind for your next event. Visit the website and contact them to schedule a private tour.

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Print ads were important during the opening phase to jumpstart bookings

Print ads were important during the opening phase to jumpstart bookings

marketing and design

We also ran a series of smaller ads throughout a variety of print media including wedding magazines to promote off-site catering and events

website design

A responsive website was also developed to further assist in promotions the event center

poster design

A series of posters were created by Imagica for use in the Marquees at street level and cross promotions with partners

restaurant promotions

The space also works with Louies Modern restaurant and can be used for special events and promotions from the restaurant,