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Imagica has over 20 years experience designing and developing highly effective websites for small business. We are unlike most website developers and offer honest advice as to how you can get the most from your website without spending a fortune or entering into maintenance contracts with the developer. We can clean up and improve your existing site or build a new website from scratch. If this sounds good, read on…

Website Strategy & Design

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries”
~ Neville Brody

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Website Strategy

We’ll take an honest assessment of your needs and map it all out for you so you’ll know exactly what you are getting and why its important and leave room for growth.

website platform


Many platforms are available to deliver your content and we are partial to WordPress for many reasons, but others are good too, we can help you understand the pros and cons of each.

Website Hosting

You have lots of options and Imagica can use your existing hosting or choose the right hosting provider for you including domain registration and email.

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Build Out

The website build includes tying everything on the front end which is what the user sees and back end which might include your forms, dyamic content, protected areas etc.

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Content is king and where Imagica shines, you have all your assets for a great website under one roof including graphic design and logos, photography/video, and copywriting…

social media

Social Media

It’s always best for you to control and maintain your own social media and we  can help you implement a solid social meida strategy and workflow that works for you…

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After you build your website you’ll want it to work for you by attracting more site visitors and conversions and we can help you with content, newsletters, and campaigns to drive traffic…

website maintenance

Website Maintenance

Websites need a little love from time to time and the best performaing websites have content added on a regular basis, we can assist as much or as little as needed…

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Why we’re different

We believe strongly that your digital marketing initiatives need to be purposeful and sustainable first and foremost. That’s why we will never encourage you to develop more of a presence than you realistically need or can maintain. Rather we prefer to do very modest initial builds and save time and resources for regular content updates and future improvements once you see what is working well. It will all be supported by Google Analytics Data.

Unlike most web designers or development companies, Imagica is vertically integrated and has multiple revenue streams so we are not motivated for you to enter into ongoing management committment for your website unless you actually need the support on a monthly basis. 

We provide best practice SEO (search engine optimization) at the time of build and believe that “content is king”. Over the long haul, investing in quality content will yield a far superior return than SEO services or Online Advertising to drive traffic to your site as organic traffic is weighed so heavily. Your site visitors will provide much of the information you’ll need to fine tune your site into your most powerful marketing asset.

Recent Website Projects

Here is a quick look at some recent website projects. World events have forced many businesses to evaluate the way they use their websites and digital offerings, look for lots of changes and opportunities in the near future…

university park website design
sarasota website design
website design

Website Pricing Examples

Everybody wants to know what a website costs and frankly that shouldn’t be a complicated answer. This means that you only pay for only what you need. We woud rather see you more regularly for smaller projects than just infrequently for just large ones.

How much your site actually costs is primarily predicated on (1) what information you would like to include (2) special functionality requirements like eCommerce, event or appointment registrations,multi-language support, live chat, accessibility requirements, form submission, surveys, newsletter signups, sales funnels, data collection etc. (3) do you currently have quality copy and visual media that can be used (4) how much content will we need to develop at launch to engage a visitor to the website? (5) does the site need to integrate with any outside system includng merchant systems, scheduling, processing, reservations or data collection?

The pricing below will give you some basic examples of some popular site combinations assuming basic information.

Take Control

Learn to manage some or all of your digital assets in-house includig your website!

SRQ Photo School

Imagica assisted Lazy Locations to take control of their website with sound advice, initial page templates, photography, WordPress training and support when they needed it. Check them out to see what you can do with your online presence.

Imagica can help you take control of your digital assets in-house, including your website. We can teach you the basics to get you started and then assisting as much or as little along the way until you are solo in no time at all.

Your website is your primary marketing tool and the more connected or engaged with it you are the better it will perform. Don’t look at it as a task, rather an investment with tremendous ROI potential. It’s just good practice to have your most important marketing assets at arms length and in your control at all times. None of our builds contain propriatary code so you’ll never be “beholden” to us and your site and assets are totally transportable.

Most of the websites we build are on a WordPress Platform which is by nature a CMS (content management system) and quite easy to maintain, edit and add content. Contact us (941) 350-9064 to see all the options available to you or your team. You’ll learn:

Wordpress 101

Understand the platform and basic features. This includes how to edit content, create new pages, blog posts, tags, image optimization, updates to WordPress, plugins and troubleshooting.

Content & Strategy

You’ll learn how to create content that brings visitors to your website and promotes your business. This also increases your rankings without having to pay for monthly SEO services.


You’ll learn best practices as to how your can better leverage your website with the other marketing initiatives you are currently using including your social media activities


We are here to support you every step along the way and you only pay for what you need. You’ll learn where to search for answers or get help first and get you self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

Kind Words

We are always up for a cudos or two, many thanks to all the great business Imagica has the honor to work with…

Imagica has been our web guy for over a decade and for sure our site is our primary marketing tool. We bring young athletes from all over the world with this site and it competes with other tennis academies that are 10x our size in the search results. Our maintenance costs are very minimal but we found its important to keep the content fresh especially with our audience.

Celsius Tennis Academy

We get honest advice and support from Imagica for all of our marketing needs. He has built new websites for our presence in Europe and South America and manages some existing websites on other platforms. We do a monthly newsletter through Constant Contact to drive traffic to the websites as well.

Alberto Gutierrez

Principle, Cryo Studios International

A few years ago Imagica built our website and it works great. We honestly don’t really have time to touch it even though he gave us some training and encouraged us to keep it updated. He added a form called a Quick Quote that allowed people to request an estimate 24/7 and honestly that keeps us pretty busy. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it lol… 

Mark Freddes

Owner, Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair

Perry has keep our boats on the water more than any other fishing charter in Sarasota for almost 15 years. Along with Facebook, our website is our marketing program so we pay attention to driving traffic to it and get a booking and inquiries on a daily basis… pay attention people.

Captain Jason Sherrill

Owner/Operator, Reel Addiction Fishing Charters

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