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Imagica offers creative and affordable wedding photography for smaller events and private gatherings where you only pay for what you need. Hourly and daily rates with just one hour minimum. Hassle-free with no strings attached, ever!

Recent Projects

Here is a quick look at a few recent events in the Sarasota area. We can offer almost any look or feel you want and capture just the moments you would like to document most… Contact us to discuss your event.

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food photography
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sarasota photography
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Why we are different

The main reason clients tell us we are different than many wedding or event photographers is that we have simple and transparent pricing. We are not trying to offer you a package that is more than you need or hold your images hostage.

We don’t create cookie cutter albums from a template and then sell it to you or charge your friends for low resolution digital images that can’t be printed. 

You tell us what you would like shot and we can calculate how much time that may take. Some events only need us for an hour or two and some for a day or even a weekend.

We follow direction really well since we are art directors too. We’ll never “over shoot” for the job or let our egos get in the way.

Our goal is to get you the shots you need as efficiently and economically as possible. And finally, your images are delivered with absolutely no strings attached. That’s right, no licensing agreements or special terms of use that you have to worry about down the road.

About the photographer

Perry Johnson
Photographer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Strategist

Perry Johnson honed his photography and design skills at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse, France. He has worked as a commercial photographer and graphic designer for over over 30 years as both a freelancer and within the structure of major marketing agencies. 

As a Platinum Member of Nikon Professional Services, Perry was a recipient of one of Nikon’s very first digital cameras (Nikon D #311) but had to convince clients including Food & Wine Magazine, Target, American Express Financial Services and others to accept images captured in a digital format. A task that took many companies years to accept.

Perry strongly feels his experience using both his own images and those of others as a marketing tool gives him a unique perspective on the power of photography. Over the course of his career he has developed unique opinions on what makes a compelling image and how those elements have and will change over the course of time.

sarasota photographer perry johnson

Photography Pricing

At Imagica our pricing model is very simple. We’re committed to offering photography services that are sustainable in a meaningful way. This means that you only pay for only what you need. We woud rather see you more regularly for smaller projects than just infrequently for just large ones.

How much photography can you squeeze into an hour depends on the nature of the shoot. We have a lot of experience so contact us and we can give you guidance on making the most of your shoot. Esentially this is just careful planning and coordination.

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