A Tough Job

by | May 13, 2020

You think your job is hard. I just received a call from Sarah. A recent graduate of FAU contacting me to say “hello”, see if I was OK and ultimately get me to commit to pre-purchasing tickets to next years Miami Open Tennis Tournament. At a premium price no less.

The 2020 Miami Open was one of the first casualties of Covid-19 and the tournament was canceled in just it’s second year in the new venue Hard Rock Stadium.

Sarah, with the stamina of youth and never ending optimism doesn’t realize the enormous challenge that lays in front of her. First we have been given absolutely no clear guarantee of the return of sports with stadium filled seats any time soon as we can’t even determine if children can return to schools. 

Despite the challenges she did share with me she was making inroads. Like the markets, with new information each day some days are better than others, but overall she has seen improvement although it has only been two weeks.

The Take Away

If Sarah can pre-sell tickets one year in advance when guidance suggests at this point all mass gatherings questionable, you can build your business back and even make it better! It starts one customer at a time in a very thoughtful and meaningful way. Let’s get going.

What’s your plan?

p.s. it’s an amazing event and worth a visit. I plan on going next year virus or not!


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