Going old school

by | Dec 3, 2018

Recently we were asked by a client to resurrect a postcard that I did almost 9 years ago. This struct me as curious but they relayed to me that they found a box of cards and put them out for guests at the front desk and they were gone in less than two days.

When was the last time you received a postcard in the mail? — That’s my point.

They even provide the stamp to sent it to your friend or family member because they know the premiss of social media and that is that people travel in similar circles and if we enjoy a particular hotel than there is a good chance my brother or friend will too… 

At $0.10 for the card and regular postcards mail in the US for only $0.35 that’s pretty inexpensive marketing, not to mention the good will to the guest already in your property and ready to give you a review on TripAdvisor. 

This serves as a gentile reminder that there is a time and place for everything and like fashion, everything cycles but not in the same way. My mailbox is wide open for something other than a coupon pac or a credit offer. Is yours?

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