The New Normal

by | May 4, 2020

The business landscape has changed dramatically, tomorrow’s environment will be different, but no less rich in possibilities for those who are prepared.

For many, near-term survival is the only agenda item. Others are peeking through the fog of uncertainty, thinking about how to position themselves once the crisis has passed and things return to normal. The question is, “What will normal look like?”

While no one can say how long the crisis will last or if it will actually ever end, what we find on the other side will SURELY not look like the normal of the past. It’s time to come to grips with that.

The new normal will be shaped by a confluence of powerful forces leverage and government. Things will be constantly changing with new rules, governance and information that will be fluid and dynamic.

If somebody try’s to tell you they have a guaranteed recipe for marketing in the new normal they are simply full of *&^%. This is a new path for each and every business.

One thing is certain, however, and that is the lessons we have learned thus far on our path to the new normal that any business who wants to survive and even thrive in our new climate needs to pay very close attention to:


Your website is the portal for your messages. Those business who had paid attention to their website faired much better thus far than those who were playing catch-up. It’s mind boggling to me how many business that have done nothing to their website during this period but continue to do business throughout the crisis like nothing ever happened.

Email List

Having a mechanism in place to communicate with your primary audience. If anything is vague or ambiguous you will be skipped over, possible forever. The rules will surely change along the way, how they effect you will also effect your clients. You need to let them know these changes in a very timely manner.


Being cute, clever and funny has a place but your audience is really looking for information and benefits as to how you can help them manage their situation. Take note of that. Posting regular information on social will keep them close to you but don’t’ overwhelm them. Make sure your messages take them back to your website where appropriate in lieu of generating content that begins and ends on that single platform. Social has always been popular but it has filled many gaps left from human contact.

Build Trust

There will be less Churn and clients and customers will be looking more than ever to do business with those they trust and can rely on the most. The most effective way to build trust is to COMMUNICATE and be true to what you profess to be. Offer to fix or refurbish in lieu of trying to sell them something new. Be aggressive with loyalty rewards.

Be Nimble

Make sure your model is one that can turn on a dime and have multiple scenarios developed, something we are not use to doing with any great detail. The most certain thing in the new normal is that it won’t be normal at all.

Think different

Do things in new ways that are truly client centric. Let technology be your friend to help your your clients. Virtual quotes or meetings, touch less estimates, FaceTime quotes, online ordering, loyalty rewards, deliveries and more. There will be a new wave of technology available to make it very easy to go about your business in new and innovative ways if you only let it happen.

We can only learn from the past and move forward. Imagica can help you implement some new practices for navigating in the new normal or improve some of your existing systems quickly, efficiently and for less than you might expect. Reach out today to learn about your options.

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