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by | Jun 6, 2019

At this point in the digital age, I don’t need to tell you that images are important to your brand. For years, you’ve been diligently putting pictures on your blog posts, on social media, and in your email newsletters. You’ve seen for yourself the increasing significance of images online, evidenced in the soaring popularity of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

So, I’m not here to tell you images are important to selling your product. I’m here to tell you that your images ARE your brand so choose your images carefully and with purpose.

Consumers make no distinction. If you don’t have quality images that captivate your audience, you haven’t got squat.

And you can’t just put a few good photos on your top of the funnel campaigns. In order to convert, you’ve got to take a holistic view and make sure you have quality and relevance from the top of your funnel to the very bottom.

If you use poor and repetitious imagery associated with your brand, you will no doubt be brought down to the same level as your images in the eyes of your viewing audience. I invite you to A/B test your next social media campaign

The human brain (which all of your potential customers have) is far more efficient at storing information from a visual image than by hearing it or reading it. Research says that when we hear something, three days later, we’ve only retained 10% of that information. But when we see a relevant image along with it, we increase that retention to 65%. 67% of consumers say that clear images are “very important” to buying decisions, even more so than product descriptions and customer reviews.

What’s more, data shows that high quality photography boosts engagement by more than 20%.

We are entering the post-stock era, people. The smartest brands—even the small ones — will have custom imagery that’s relevant, fresh and super-local.

The trick is capturing images that perfectly suit your brand without blowing your budget.

So join us in the post-stock era. Your ideal brand images are out there, waiting to be captured.

Imagica offers value driven photography services with only an hour minimum and then billed in quarter hour increments thereafter with no rights of use. This means you only pay for what you really need and no more. You can use your images for anything you wish for as long as you like. 

Contact us to discuss your project and get an estimate. 

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