With restrictions loosening in Florida and many other states around the US it’s time to get back to work. No doubt business will face enormous hurdles getting themselves back on line if they were forced to close or even if they remained open. Depending on your business you know what your long list of priorities are. The key is if ever you wanted to make changes in your marketing or operations, now is the perfect time for a blank slate if not a much cleaner one.

open for business

I believe there will be big movement to more client centric marketing and services. The most successful business on the “other side” of this will be those who instill the most confidence in their audience and cater to the new norm.  

Take a hard look at your business, prioritize and then commit to things you wish you could have done better on both the back end as well as the front. For many of you, communicating with your target audience should be on that list as 9 out of 10 business owners say they admin they could do a much better and more strategic job doing so.

The opening process will be soft and gradual so pay attention and start to implement small changes early on. The ones you wish you would have done sooner. This could start with a fresh website, a new newsletter, drip campaign, updated branding, new ways to engage your clients, retention offers and the list goes on.

The rules have changed, the season disrupted and the old standings no longer apply. We are in essence, starting over so here is your chance. How often do we get to say “re-do”.

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