Time lapse movie clips are a great way to present something different a little different or illustrate a progression of any kind. Most of today’s prosumer cameras have a time lapse feature so you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional if you can dedicate a little time and perhaps do some research on how to edit. If your project is more complicated or you want to use your video say more than for a simple twitter or Facebook post it may be worth while to have something a little more polished and a professional may really save you time and money in the long run.

Why time lapse movies are often more effective than simple videos is the fact that your eye doesn’t see movement presented in this choppy progression. Actual videos present you the world pretty much as you see it so you are more immune to the presentation. When Apple opened many of their first “Mega Stores” like the one in Times Square, they used time lapse video to cover the day from dawn til dusk when they obviously had the resources to do something with perhaps more grandeur.

Great examples of using time lapse video for your marketing efforts include special events, building or manufacturing projects, restaurants and bars, recreational activities, resorts and more.

If some of your outgoing media is becoming a little monotonous then consider a time lapse video to mix things up a bit. You’ll get lots of good traction out if it.

Contact me any time (perry@imagica.us) if you would like to discuss a time lapse video. There is a way to do it for almost any budget.

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